Beverly Donofrio portrays a world of babies having babies and children raising children. She acknowledges right away that she's not a conventional mother, that she and her son Jason don't have a traditional home life. She was seventeen when Jason was born and they spent eight of the next ten years on welfare. A spunky, spirited woman with a defiant streak, she wages a constant struggle with herself: is Jason an anchor pulling her down or does he provide ballast? At times he seems to grow in spite of her. Her love for him isn't in question, but will she ever be able to comprehend his needs? Motherhood is never easy, but hers was made more difficult by a society ready to cast judgment on young, single mothers, by a family who finds it easier to criticize than support her, and her own struggle to reach a long held dream of a college education. As Beverly's sense of self increases and she realizes her goals, Jason challenges and contributes to her understanding of life and their growth together.

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